I started ZEROTURNSNOWPLOWS.COM in 2007 with the purchase of a John Deere Z425. Being that I am an engineer, I was immediately amazed by its agility, ease of use, and versatility. When the fall season started to set in, I was knew that I could not store this great machine for the next 4 months. I went to look at a used snow blower that fall, and the seller also had an old snow plow. I bought the snow blower and he threw in the plow for free. Within hours I had it mocked up and mounted to the mower. There was no snow at the time so I tested it by pushing leaves and dirt. It worked great and the concept was proven. I knew that it would be too slow to operate the plow with the electric actuator I was using, so I moved on to springs. I tried using the weight of the plow and springs to create the scraping pressure but it was not enough. It also seemed backwards to push down to lift the plow up. So the final design was what you see today. The springs lift the plow and your foot controls the scraping pressure. It was easy to learn and fun to use!

– Jake Bacon